30 Oct 2020

Day for Daniel

Across Australia, we are recognising Day for Daniel as part of National Safe Work Month. Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to help raise awareness of child safety, a cause that’s close to the hearts of all our Centre Managers and educators.

Compliance and Safety Manager at our Centre Support Office, Benita Williams, spoke with us about how we are acknowledging 'Day for Daniel', and the importance of child safety.

“Every child has the right to feel safe, secure and enjoy a childhood free from harm. Keeping children safe is the ultimate responsibility within our centres and is our number one priority at all of our Lifelong Learning Centres,” explained Benita. 

“Everything we do is to ensure the safety of all children in our care, and we provide our educators with the tools and training required to ensure they can meet their duty of care to all children.” 


Day for Daniel is a great opportunity for parents and carers to start a conversation with children about personal safety.

There will be many young people curious about Daniel’s story and it is important for children to learn about him without becoming overwhelmed or scared. Day for Daniel is a time to be positive about becoming more educated on how to be safe. This year’s theme is Wear Red, Educate and Donate and the key message encourages children to Recognise, React and Report if they don’t feel safe. 

Learn more about child safety from the Day for Daniel website. There are great conversation starters and videos to help start the conversation with child about their own safety.

25 Oct 2020

Celebrating our littlest people

Across our community of Lifelong Learning Centres, we are excited to be celebrating the littlest people in our lives – children! 
9 Oct 2020

"How was your day"?

Pick up time at the end of the day is such an exciting time – typically little faces light up when their parent or caregiver arrives. But how can families encourage meaningful conversations with their child?
10 Sep 2020

R U OK? Day

Learning how to support peers and talk about feelings is an important life lesson – so start the conversation with your littlest friends this R U OK? Day.