Toddler Child Care (1-3 Years)

Toddler Child Care (2-3 Years)

Early Years Child Care

Choosing a child care centre is an important decision. At Milestones Early Learning Mudgee, we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to provide your child with high quality care and education. 
When you choose Milestones Mudgee, your child will be welcomed into a safe, stimulating and fun environment to enhance learning in their early years. 

Making your baby’s first years special 

During the first year of your baby's life, they are developing a picture of themselves based on the experience they have and the relationships they build. 
Our Healthy Beginnings Program supports your baby's growth and development by offering a range of different activities to engage your child in essential sensory exploration to enhance their cognitive and motor skills. Your baby will have the opportunity to play with soft toys, feel different textures, create arts and crafts, as well as enjoy tummy time, mirror play, listening to music, story time, outdoor play and food experiences. 
All learning activities are carefully designed to incorporate safety features and age-appropriate toys and furniture. As such, our nursery is a place where you baby can freely learn about the world in a cosy, safe environment. 

Flexible Care Options & Session Times 

In addition to making time at our centre a fun and valuable experience for your child, we also strive to offer flexible care options that suit your needs. 
We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements with education and care service options that include full day and 10 hour set sessions. Please also chat with us about vacation care options, and how flexible sessions can meet your needs, so that you can make the most of the Child Care Subsidy available to you.  

Your baby will thrive with us 

Come and see why parents choose us! Book a tour at our centre, or call 1800 CHILD CARE for more information. 

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